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Information about our Live Streams

Where do we film our Live Streams?
We mostly live stream from either the Operations Road Car Park opposite Runway 16/34, or from the Terminal 4 Car Park.
When do we Live Stream?
We don't currently have a schedule for streaming, but mostly will be done on weekends (Saturday or Sunday). Best way to keep in the loop is to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and turn on Notifications!
Why do we Live Stream?
We Live Stream from Melbourne Airport to allow those who cannot get to the airport to enjoy all that there is to enjoy while watching planes coming and going from an International Airport.
How can I help?
The best way you can support us at the moment is to subscribe to the channel, turn on notifications, and then watch and like the live streams! You can also help us by sharing our page with like minded Aviation Enthusiasts.
What Camera Gear do you use?
We are currently using a Canon EOS R and will shortly be adding a Canon EOS 7D. We are trialling different lenses to see what works best. We use a 24-240mm and renting a 100-500mm lens.
Where can I watch?
At the moment we are only Live Streaming on YouTube, but are looking to add Facebook to the list of Live Streaming locations.